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Research and Development

Research and Development Centre in India

Research and Development Center

Research and Development (R&D) in India is part of NESTLÉ S.A.’s global R&D network and supports all markets worldwide with new product development and manufacturing excellence for Noodles. It is also a Centre of expertise for local Indian cuisine within the NESTLÉ R&D network and offers assistance to Culinary, Confectionery, Nutrition and Dairy products in the South Asia Region (SAR).

Better nutrition in the region is a perpetual challenge. Its meaning changes with the stage of development, the degree of social awareness, and scientific advancement. The new NESTLÉ R&D facility in India will help develop great tasting food solutions that are relevant for consumers in the South Asia Region, creating products that take the promise of taste and health to a broader economic and social section than ever before. It will also strengthen NESTLÉ’s position as the leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness in the emerging markets.

NESTLÉ India has always had Research and Development support from the NESTLÉ R&D network across the world. Now, with the new R&D Centre in Manesar, NESTLÉ South Asia Region will benefit from a greater ‘regional consumer’ focus. Having an R&D Centre in India also brings Research and Development closer to NESTLÉ India businesses, and reflects the NESTLÉ spirit of R&D-Business partnership towards developing winning concepts, suited to the local consumer. It will in turn help NESTLÉ R&D to bring out strong local concepts that are in accordance with the NESTLÉ Group ambition to provide ‘affordable Nutrition, Health and Wellness’.

Ultimately, these concepts will not just be relevant for emerging markets like India, but could be transferred to NESTLÉ worldwide.