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India’s First Corporate Service Brand That Answers All Queries Related to Child Nutrition

Nestlé India’s corporate campaign will further strengthen Nestlé’s credentials as a Nutrition Expert, and deepen trust with consumers and stakeholders.

AskNestlé is the new Nestlé India Corporate Service Brand in the form of a mobile first website ( that revolutionizes how parents feed, and cook for their children upto 12yrs of age. AskNestlé is also India’s First AI Assistant-NINA (Nestlé India Nutrition Assistant), built in association with Google.

With AskNestlé, parents can access a Growth Tracker to track how their children are growing on a database of Indian Academy of Pediatrics. The service also offers Custom Meal Plans personalized for regional preferences and allergies and a Food Diary to enter what the child has eaten through the day to generate a Nutrition Score.

The service has Bite Sized and simple content that answers daily nutrition questions – recipes, nutrition facts, tiffin recipes, tips to get fussy eaters to eat. The service also has a live chat functionality that allows consumers to chat with Nestle nutrition experts.



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