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Directors and Officers

Board of Directors
Mr. Suresh Narayanan Chairman and Managing Director Suresh Narayanan
Mr. David McDaniel Executive Director – Finance & Control and CFO Mr. David McDaniel
Mr. Matthias Christoph Lohner Executive Director - Technical Mr. Matthias Christoph Lohner
Ms. Rama Bijapurkar Independent Non-Executive Director Ms. Rama Bijapurkar
Mr. R. V. Kanoria Independent Non-Executive Director Mr. R. V. Kanoria
Ms. Roopa Kudva Independent Non-Executive Director Ms. Roopa Kudva
Dr. Swati A. Piramal Independent Non-Executive Director Swati A. Piramal
Mr. P. R. Ramesh Independent Non-Executive Director Mr. P. R. Ramesh
* Letter of Appointment    
 Audit Committee
 Mr. P. R. Ramesh      Chairman  
 Ms. Roopa Kudva      Member  
 Mr. R.V. Kanoria      Member  
Stakeholders Relationship Committee
 Ms. Rama Bijapurkar      Chairperson  
 Mr. R.V. Kanoria      Member  
 Mr. David McDaniel      Member  
 Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
 Dr. Swati A. Piramal     Chairperson  
 Ms. Rama Bijapurkar     Member  
 Mr. Suresh Narayanan     Member  
 Mr. David McDaniel      Member  
 Nomination and Remuneration Committee
 Mr. R.V. Kanoria      Chairman  
 Ms. Roopa Kudva      Member  
 Mr. P. R. Ramesh      Member  
 Risk Management Committee
 Mr. Suresh Narayanan      Chairman  
 Mr. David McDaniel      Member  
 Ms. Roopa Kudva      Member  
 Ms. P R Ramesh      Member  
 Key Managerial Personnel
 Mr. B. Murli      Company Secretary  
Directors and Officers Familiarisation Programme