Milk Products

Nestlé Milkmaid, Nestlé Everyday, Nestlé Everyday Tea

Nestlé Everyday Ghee 

NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Ghee is 100% pure Clarified Butter hygienically packed to preserve its rich aroma and granular texture. As a cooking medium, NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Ghee helps you add that authentic ethnic aroma and flavour to Indian preparations every time, everyday.

Nestlé Milkmaid 
A Partly Skimmed Sweetened Condensed Milk, NESTLÉ MILKMAID is a versatile product and excellent as a dessert ingredient. With MILKMAID, you can whip up lip-smacking desserts for your family in the shortest possible time.
Nestlé Everyday Dairy 
NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Dairy Whitener is a creamy Dairy Whitener specially made to add a rich, smooth taste to your tea. Every time, every day.

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Note: The products listed in this page are available for export from India.