Mar 4, 2012
MILKMAID Creations is an exciting new range of powdered dessert mixes from the MILKMAID brand.

Developed by expert chefs using ingredients of the highest quality& leveraging MILKMAID’s 100 year heritage and knowledge of desserts & Indian consumers, Nestlé MILKMAID CREATIONS brings some of India’s favorite desserts to the kitchens of homemakers who can now prepare these treats for their families anytime and create happy moments thanks to the guarantee of delicious taste, simple 3-step recipes and only 10-15 mins. of cooking time.

The range is available in five variants, viz. Eggless cake, Pista Kulfi, Besan Laddoo, Badam Kheer & Rice Kheer.

The MILKMAID brand in India is synonymous with mouth-watering desserts and delicious taste amongst the consumers. Every day, thousands of housewives across the country make delicious desserts quickly and conveniently using MILKMAID much to the delight of their families and friends. MILKMAID Creations is a contemporary extension of the brand in a direction that caters to the needs of the convenience-seeking consumers of today.

MILKMAID Creations is currently available at select outlets in 54 cities across the country.