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Be Adventurous, Be Fun, Try Something New

One of the best gifts you can give your kids is a sense of (culinary) adventure. Train their taste buds to enjoy many different flavours, not just sugar, fat and salt. People who eat a wide variety of foods are more likely to get all the nutrients they need. Use characters, imagery, personifying and storytelling with different kinds of food. Remember, a child may have to try a food up to 10 times before they enjoy it. So don’t give up on the first try. A good tactic is to tell your kids that when they try new foods, it’s a sign that they’re growing up. Praise them when they try new things. Another great idea is to encourage them to try samples at the deli or supermarket – kids will try all sorts of foods, if they’re fun and exciting. Take them grocery shopping and let them choose a new (healthy) food. Serve it with foods they already love and they may adapt to the new food, too. Don’t shy away from giving them ‘exotic’ foods, either.

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