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Eat Five or More Colours a Day

All the vibrant colours in fruits and vegetables come from natural plant chemicals that have healthy effects on our bodies. Children often prefer raw vegetables to cooked vegetables. Keep some raw vegetables aside while cooking and offer them to your kids if they get hungry again between meals. Small cheese and vegetable skewers, fruit skewers or crunchy vegetable sticks with a tasty dip are also good snacks between meals. You can make rainbows and play colour games with different fruits and feed them. You can also try ‘hiding’ vegetables by blending them and serving them as a sauce for pasta, rice, potatoes or meat – many kids also enjoy a creamy vegetable soup. Generally, kids also like vegetables served in funny shapes, e.g. faces made from brightly coloured vegetables placed on a slice of bread, or faces cut into fruit. Fruit appeals to kids if it is put in a milkshake or mixed into yoghurt. A little imagination really helps ensure good nutrition for children.

Growing herbs and vegetables at home is fun and teaches children where food comes from. If you have fruit trees, a vegetable garden or even a few pots of herbs, involve your children in planting, watering, weeding and most importantly, eating. It’s amazing how much better they’ll think food tastes if they have just plucked it from the earth.

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