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Healthy Snacks are Yummy Too!

How many times have you seen a child stare into the fridge or pantry and tell you that there’s ‘nothing to eat’ – despite it being full of food? These days, most of us are so used to reaching for chips or some chocolate biscuits when we feel like nibbling that they’re all we see in the cupboard. But these sorts of snacks tend to be low on nutrients and high in calories. Instead, stock your house with healthier snacks .

If your child loves fast foods like pizzas, hamburgers, make them home-made fast food: make a hamburger in a wholegrain bun with plenty of salad and vegetables. If your little fast food fan likes to eat pizza, sprinkle this with lots of fresh vegetables and, if your kid likes pasta, use wholemeal pasta more often or mix normal pasta with wholemeal pasta. A sauce made from puréed vegetables, for example, is a good accompaniment. This is because the taste buds must encounter a meal up to seven times before a final verdict can be made on it. Children learn to like whatever they are served often. You can use this principle to introduce a new meal to them.

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