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Wake Up to a Powerful Breakfast

If the healthy habit of eating a good breakfast in the morning isn’t firmly established at a young age, it can slide into non-existence as they become young adults. Your kids need a good breakfast in the morning to get them going – a breakfast that provides their body and mind with new energy after the long night. There are four components to a balanced breakfast: milk or dairy products, fruit or vegetables, bread or cereals – wholemeal varieties if possible – and a drink. Even if it’s just a banana and a glass of milk, teach your children that some food in their stomach in the morning kick-starts the body, making it easier to be healthy, happy and full of lasting energy throughout the day.

It is best for children to have two breakfasts: the first breakfast forms the basis for the day and is somewhat more substantial. The second is eaten during the mid morning to keep hunger away until lunch. Small children who are grumpy at breakfast and who have no appetite in the mornings can do the reverse.

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