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Exercise during Pregnancy

When you are expecting your little one, most doctors tell you to exercise regularly for you and your baby’s benefit. Physical exercise apart from other factors like a healthy diet and regular sleep ensures that you and your baby remain at the healthiest best.

Routine physical exercise helps you maintain your weight. It boosts your hunger and strengthens the muscles. It makes your body strong enough to endure the stress of delivery. You may suffer from backache and constipation during pregnancy. Exercise can take care of these problems. As a result, the risk of other complications during pregnancy such as gestational diabetes may also lessen. If you are physically active during your pregnancy, rest assured that you are more energetic, relaxed, happy and content.

Exercising for a healthy pregnancy:

Always seek professional advice before you begin your workout routines. The experts are able to tell you what is best suited for your stage and kind of pregnancy.

Maintain moderation if you are a beginner. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness freak, exercising during pregnancy has its limitations. You have to be very careful and exercise in moderation. Walking is a good exercise. Most doctors recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. It works on all parts of your body without hurting your knees and other joints that are particularly vulnerable at this time.

Doctors usually prescribe a range of cardio-vascular exercises, safe enough during pregnancy. Swimming is the best form of exercise during pregnancy if done under proper guidance. It strengthens your muscles in the arms, legs and your back, which relieves you from pregnancy related aches and pains.

You can also try some soft dancing during this time. The music elevates your mood. It’s the best way to stay cheerful. You also have company. And this is a routine exercise that you are going to enjoy.

Tennis and badminton are cool, but you constantly need to shift weight and balance, which may not be advisable for later stages of pregnancy. There are a couple of strength training routines you can follow during this time. But consult a professional for the postures suitable for you.

Yoga is preferred by all across the world. It is a holistic exercise to soothe your mind and strengthen your body. Consult a trained yoga expert because there may be postures that are harmful for your baby. Stretching improves the blood circulation in your muscles and provides flexibility. It relaxes your muscles by reducing fatigue.

Exercise Activities you must stay away from.

Not all exercises are good for you during your pregnancy. Avoid the following activities as they may harm your general physique and cause stress to the baby in the womb:

  • Your body at this time needs a lot of oxygen. Learn to breathe fluidly while performing an exercise. The lack of fresh air may harm your baby.
  • Do not participate in risk-prone activities. You may fall and hurt yourself or your little one. If you are not sure you can handle a particular form of activity, however simple it may seem, do not push yourself in to it.
  • Activities such as horse riding involve jarring motion and sudden changes in direction. They may cause stress to your tummy. Stay away from them.
  • Any activity or exercise routine that requires you to bounce or jump is not advisable. That’s why sports like tennis and badminton or stretching routines which involve bouncing must not be indulged in.
  • Also, twisting in an upright position is a bad idea. Exercises like deep knee bends, full sit-ups, double leg raises and straight-leg toe touches can hurt your stomach. It is recommended to avoid them.
  • Any exercise or activity that requires you to lie on your back or right side for more than 3 minutes may harm the baby. This is especially when you are in your third trimester because your tummy presses on your aorta and decreases the blood supply to your baby.
  • Exercising in hot and humid weather is likely to cause dehydration and heat stroke, so it’s not at all advisable. Limit your routine to a cool environment.
  • If your pregnancy suffers from medical complications, you should check with your doctor. Doctors limit your working out also if you suffer from bleeding, spotting, low placenta, a threatened miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage, a weak cervix, or if you have a history of premature births or early labour.

Enjoy a fit pregnancy and a safe work out under the supervision of your doctor and a trainer. And you can see yourself and the little one through a healthy and smooth delivery.