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Dairy Farmers Programme

Creating Shared Value for Three generations
Dairy Farmers Programme

Gurbax Singh and Sons scripting their success story in dairy farming

Gurbax Singh, dairy farmer, Moga, Punjab

“Our family has been dairy farmers for over three generations. I started the tradition which is now being taken forward by my son and grandson. Being a dairy farmer has changed my life significantly. It has given my family a financially secure life which they always dreamt of. Dairy farming ensures a regular source of income that is difficult through crop farming or labouring. I have also been able to learn entrepreneurial skills over the years apart from learning the technicalities of feeding and breeding cattle.”

Gurbax Singh has been a dairy farmer for over four decades. When Gurbax started dairy farming he was the owner of a single cow and would sell milk to earn a living. Through his friends, Gurbax came to know about Nestlé India’s Dairy Farmer Programme and how it was helping farmers like him to live a better life.

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Gurbax enrolled for the programme and this marked the beginning of a relationship which would be carried forward by his future generations. He became one of the regular milk suppliers at Nestlé India’s milk collection centre and started getting paid the full value of milk supplied by him. The sustained demand for milk all throughout the year helped him earn a regular income which brought about financial stability and assured him of long-term healthy relationships.

Gurbax started his own milk procurement centre with the earnings received from the dairy farmer programme and the surplus that he had saved. Following the footsteps of his father, Gurbax’s son Amarjeet took up the family business to take his father’s legacy forward as did Amarjeet’s son Gursharanpreet.

Nestlé India has contributed to transforming Moga into a prosperous and vibrant milk district. We work with around 100,000 milk farmers and collect over 300 million kilograms of high quality milk every year across the States of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan under our dairy farming programme. Helping farmers to increase their knowledge and skills is a key focus area of our rural development strategy. By adopting best practices, farmers are able to improve productivity, trading relations and cost control. Our relationships are based on the understanding that our investments must result in long term sustainable growth and economic and social progress for the community, as well.

Gurbax is amongst those thousands of farmers who contribute to Nestlé India and play a vital role in making this initiative a success. Guided by our values of respect, we work alongside partners with the motive of contributing to the society while ensuring the long-term success of our business. We call this Creating Shared Value.