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Improving access to sanitation among communities
Helping develop thriving, resilient communities 

Nestlé India endeavours to facilitate and remove what is considered to be the major cause of dropout rate among girl students in the village schools. We believe that education and empowerment of girl students can benefit the quality of life in communities. Therefore in order to promote education and ensure availability of basic sanitation facilities, Nestlé India works towards improvement of access to sanitation to add value to the communities we operate in.

In order to ensure availability of basic sanitation facilities, we have been constructing sanitation facilities for girl students in village schools across all our factory locations.

Tejaswini S is one of the many girls who benefitted from the sanitation facility. She feels that this facility offers her more safety and privacy, which is a must for every girl in this world.

In 2016, Nestlé India set up sanitation facilities in government schools in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, in addition to factory locations. Till date, over 325 facilities benefiting over 112,000 girl students have been set up by Nestlé India.