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NESTLÉ KITKAT is one of the most successful brands in the world and every year over 12 billion NESTLÉ KITKAT fingers are consumed around the globe.



NESTLÉ KITKAT is crisp wafer fingers covered with chocolayer. NESTLÉ KITKAT has a unique finger format with a ‘breaking' ritual attached to it.

So go ahead, have a BREAK and relish the great new taste!


NESTLÉ KITKAT Dessert Delight

The all new KITKAT Dessert Delight comes with a rich indulgent taste inspired by desserts. It has a unique “finger-tablet” shape with 12 shareable cubes and is available at an MRP of INR 55 (50g pack) in select regions.

KIT KAT | #ShareYourMood | Old Man
KIT KAT | #ShareYourMood | Girl